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My name is Netanel (Nate) Asabag and I am a cymbal smith from Israel.

As a jazz drummer, the search for the perfect ride cymbal or hi-hats has always piqued my curiosity.

My journey began when I purchased a beautiful, used 22" Avedis ride cymbal, which was wonderful but a bit heavy. Since I couldn't find anyone in Israel who could lathe it for me, I decided to build my own lathe machine. Not long after that, I ordered my first blanks, and since then, I've been on a journey of exploration, learning how to create the best cymbals I can.
Cymbal making is a feeling, a mindset, a craft, and an ongoing quest for sonic beauty.

Although I ship worldwide, you are also welcome to visit me at my workshop in Kvutzat Shiller, Center District, Israel. I always have some cymbals in stock and offer a great bop kit and coffee on-site!

See you soon.