Aviv Maya

Aviv Maya is the first artist of Asabag Cymbals and an active drummer in the jazz scenes of Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

He has performed with world-class artists such as Eran Har-Even, Daniel Zamir, Yonatan Voltzok, and Shlomo Gronich. Aviv uses two 20" rides and 15" hats.

Shahar Ben Yatah

A young and fresh voice in the israeli music scene, Shahar is an active drummer in the israeli indie and jazz scene.

Through session work ans live performence, his drumming varies from jazz to modern day music while exploring and using the instrument in search for new sounds.

Dor Kelman

Dor began his studio journey at 10, experimenting with multitrack drumming using two tape recorders, which sparked his passion for tracking drums.

He has performed with A-list artists worldwide and gained valuable experience as a resident drummer at Funkadelic Studios in NYC and Soho Sonic Recording in London.

In the studio, Dor provides reliable and skillful drum tracking services, featured in numerous global projects, showcasing his versatility and dedication.

Yaniv Loven

Yaniv is an active drummer in the Israeli music scene.

A versatile drummer that flatters any musical situation he’s in- recording sessions for various artists, live shows, and as a teacher- his precise and delicate sound, wide range of dynamics, and ingenuity on the drum set, make him stand out as a musician.

Yaniv uses two 20” rides, a 21.5” flat ride and 15” hats.

Gasper Bertoncelj

A Slovenian jazz master drummer, studied at Bruckner University in Austria and earned a Master of Arts from The City College of New York. After thriving in New York, he moved to Tel Aviv, expanding his musical reach.

Known for his versatility in jazz, Latin, and especially his brush playing, Gasper uses 14-inch hi-hats, a 20-inch flat ride, and two additional 20-inch rides in his setup